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Owner Comments:

Ken from San Diego, California USA (Proud WaterRower Owner)

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"I bought the WaterRower to improve my overall fitness, and it has lived up to my high expectations. It's solidly built, easy to use, attractive, and gives a hard workout."
Kalina Brabeck (First time mom and WaterRower Owner)

"Working out has always been important to me. While I was pregnant with my first child, I knew that with an infant, I’d be hard pressed to find time and energy to find time for fitness. Therefore, I decided to buy my first piece of home exercise equipment and after some research, I decided on a WaterRower. The WaterRower turned out to be the perfect piece of exercise equipment for a stay-at-home mom with an infant! I don’t have much time to work out, so the fact that I can work both my upper and lower body, and get in both strengthening and cardio vascular exercise, are great bonuses. And I can get a good workout in just 20 minutes. Additionally, the only sound that comes out of the WaterRower is the gentle, calming sound of water swishing. In fact, it sounds just like the ocean wave sound machine I use to help my son to sleep. So, not only does the WaterRower not bother my baby, but he actually is soothed by the sound! One day, when my son was particularly fussy, I set him in his infant chair next to the WaterRower and rowed; the sound of the water actually lulled him to sleep! Finally, since the space in my house is increasingly taken up by baby gear, I appreciate that the WaterRower folds up so compactly. I’m thankful that the WaterRower has helped me stay in shape, feel good about myself, and carve out some 'me' time while still being attentive to by baby."

Tootsie from Alaska (Proud WaterRower Owner)

"I had thyroid cancer stage 3 in 2004 and I don't have great stamina! Once I got my WaterRower I realized anyone can get a wonderful work out & it is so peaceful. I have told so many people and had several people in our home to try my WaterRower. They all were amazed at the comfort and quietness of it. I am currently unemployed and was thinking of what truly gives me peace & joy...and rowing came to mind. Rowing is something I can do in the long winters here in Alaska and I find solitude in the swishing sound. :)"

Anna Friel (Actress)
“It’s great because with Gracie (my daughter) I can’t really get to the gym but with the WaterRower I can just lower it down and have a quick workout while Gracie runs around the house... The WaterRower is a piece of exercise equipment that lasts and actually looks nice. We originally bought it because it’s made from this beautiful wood and fitted into our house in Windsor, but it looks great in LA as well …the added bonus is that if you don’t have a gym it tucks neatly behind a door. I love it.”

Amanda Hamilton, TV Presenter (UK)
"I love having the WaterRower at home. I find it almost impossible to get to the gym now that I’ve got a new baby to look after, as well as the other kids and work. It allows me to keep really fit whilst making it really fun! The WaterRower is very different from the rowers at a typical gym as it actually feels like rowing on water."

A. Lorenzo from London, UK (Proud WaterRower Owner)
"I am 51 and three months ago I was overweight and in a very poor shape. After 13 weeks using the WaterRower I have recovered a level of fitness I thought gone forever and I have lost 5 kg (now only another 5 kg over my optimum weight). In this very short period, my strength, stamina, muscle tone, and heart performance have been significantly improved. I must admit that I am happily surprised by this outcome because I never expected to progress so much so fast.

When I decided to do something about my overall condition I chose rowing for its low impact workout and full-body exercise. Despite the fact I had never rowed in my life, I thought it was the best choice to improve my fitness, bearing in mind my age and condition.

After researching the field I decided that the WaterRower was the best rowing machine to achieve my aim. I found the concept simple but brilliantly efficient, the aesthetics superb and the sound of water very alluring. The outstanding information and support available in the website contributed very much to make up my mind. Today, I am glad to say that I was spot on when I chose the WaterRower. I am aware that it can be seen as pricey, but thinking value for money is second to none.

I am really excited about what I have already achieved and looking forward progressing further. This has been possible thanks to both the superb concept and design of the WaterRower and the personalized training programs, for which I am deeply grateful to Jill Lancaster my WaterCoach. Her support and always accurate advice kept me motivated and on track.

Now my weekly routine includes only four training sessions and around 25km/week. I expect to progressively move to 5 sessions and 30km per week after completing my third 6-weeks plan. I look for slow but steady progress. I always use a heart monitor to control my cardiovascular effort.

The exercise I like the most is to challenge my previous time for a given distance (i.e. 5000m). It provides me with an extra motivation to push a little harder. In a more personal note, I have found very useful to put some soft music to accompany the long distance/duration sessions. It helps me to relax and maintain the pace."
John Mayhew (WaterRower owner with Atrial Fibrillation)
John Mayhew clocked 1,000,000 meters as of August 13, 2008!

There I was watching TV, 67th birthday in a few weeks, retro patella arthritis, a five year history of relapses of atrial fibrillation, and the test results from the recent transient ischemic attack coming home to roost. I was over weight, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a bad heart and, of course, two wrecked knees. I felt awful most of the time; all was doom and gloom. In short, I was on the way down.

The program was ‘Ski Sunday’ and there was a piece about disabled person on a mono sit-ski. I had lived for skiing, I knew I could do that. I could get back into the mountains again. Mayhew, its time for a skiing holiday, maybe the last one. Get off this couch, right now.

BUT first we better start training; one tiny baby step at a time. Down in the cellar. Where’s that old rowing machine? Did I ever use it? Rusty dirty and uncomfortable but I was only going to sit on it for a few minutes a day. Surprisingly the few minutes a day became 2x10 minutes a day and the knees? They didn’t seem to mind. This could be the answer. But I need a proper rower. What does a new one cost? Rent one? Hey, what is it worth to you to lose a 20 pounds and get fit enough to ski? Let’s give it a go.

The WaterRower arrived, assembled, and placed in the shady corner of the conservatory. It looked very pretty and it didn’t sound like a threshing machine. I like the look of it. Oh yes, you and I; we are going to spend some time together, one tiny baby step at a time…

And now? My blood pressure is right down, my cholesterol level is normal (I’m off the statins) and I’m dropping around about a pound of fat every week or so. A few more to go but hey, you can’t recover from sort of the mess I was in over night. And I had a wonderful skiing holiday in Sweden as the disabled ski-school in Are. But now I’m a rower too.

The basic facts are these:

1) I’ve lost 14 pounds of fat in three months. Next time you’re at the super market put 14 tubs of margarine into the trolley and just stare at it for a few moments until you begin to feel ill? I used to feel like that when I saw myself in the mirror.

2) I’ve developed from doing 2 minutes and a breather: tiny baby steps to 60 minutes and 10000 plus metres of gnarly growly sessions. I’m getting stronger, and I feel fit and alive. And I’ve joined a rowing club.

3) My knees are working fine. Nothing can fix them, they are worn out forever. But though I can’t run a single step, because the rowing is low impact, I can row for ages. Even better, as my previously under worked leg muscles strengthen, my knees are getting stabilised and walking has become less painful. Jogging ? Maybe not, but I shall start playing golf again!

4) Atrial fibrillation? Bad heart, yeah, that should slow you down. Yeah? Well you listen up. Xeno Muller has had atrial fibrillation for years and he won a gold and a silver at the Olympics (single scull). He’s had cardio version and so have I. And Don Waddle, he’s got the gold that Xeno didn’t get and he is going to the Olympics at Beijing again this summer and he’s got atrial fibrillation too. It’s not good but it’s not that bad. So, buy a heart rate monitor, take the medication and get rowing (maybe check it out with the doctor, but find one who knows a bit about sports). If my doctor had advised me right 5 years ago, I would have had a good retirement hobby 5 years earlier and I wouldn’t have needed to shed the pounds of sagging fat I gained sitting around worrying about whether my heart going out of sinus rhythm. It will go out of rhythm and then it will go back in again. No big deal. Get used to it as they say!

The take home message is this.

I believe the rowing machine saved my live, but even if it didn’t, I think it definitely qualifies as a life support machine because it’s prolonging it and improving its quality. I am fitter, leaner, stronger but not meaner; just happier than I was before. I’m feeling good.

There are rowing books to read and an interesting sporting activity with subtle skills to acquire. I am amazed that what must be one of the hardest and demanding physical sports at one level, can at a completely different level, be such a satisfying and pleasurable activity for a fat old man with a bad heart and wrecked knees. I am going skiing again next year of course, but I’m thinking that maybe next summer I’ll also take a course of lessons at ‘rowing camp’ as they say. I’ll be as fit as a butcher’s dog by then.

Oh and why the WaterRower and not the Concept2? Aesthetics mainly. The WaterRower not only sounds nicer, is much quieter, less industrial-hardcore and is a bit neater and smaller. Almost furniture, it fits in nicely in my conservatory. It’s just the thing for a nice row in the evening; looking at the view over our garden, the waterfall and pond, the bird table. Every ‘old folks’ home should have one. I mean it.
Ed Kane - California, USA

"I am a male, aged 65, who has been diagnosed as having osteoarthritis specifically affecting L1 through L5. I have experienced difficulty with prolonged standing, running, prolonged walking, and generally have stiffness and inflexibility due to this condition. My exercise regimen precluded running, treadmills, and related forms of exercise. In January of 2008 while shopping for a recumbent cycling machine, a salesperson at Busy body recommended the WaterRower. I instantly fell in love with this machine. Have been using my WaterRower consistently since January and find that it complements by condition. There is virtually no stress on my lower back. I alternate working out on the WaterRower with riding a bicycle. The combination works well for me. I recommend the WaterRower to anyone who wants a reliable form of exercise with minimal stress. The added benefit is the relaxation induced by rowing to the sound of sloshing water."

Kara and Dean Keller
Dean is an Amputee and WaterRower Owner

"my husband Dean... is an above the knee amputee (lost to bone cancer in 1979).

Four years ago, we were actively seeking a piece of exercise equipment that would fulfil a tall order; allow for use with one leg without causing injury, allow us both to use, allow us to store at home, and was affordable. After weeks of research, we decided on the WaterRower and have absolutely loved it!

We both use it every morning before work (Dean for 30 minutes and Me for 20 :-) I love the way it makes me feel and look. Moreover, it has really helped to prepare Dean year round for activities such as biking, kayaking, downhill skiing, swimming, and simply holding a full time job in a hospital which requires him to be on his feet all day.

Thank you so much for creating such a user friendly and affective piece of exercise equipment! It has truly improved our quality of life"

Sincerely, Kara Keller
Jerry Scott - Retired Graphics Designer/Writer

I am 65 years old and brand new of the world of exercise. Golf during the summer, an occasional walk and general outside around-the-house activities were the extent of my fitness regimen. As I got older, I could feel myself losing strength and stamina each day so I began looking for a way to improve my overall health and fitness. I wanted something that would be convenient, effective and not take a lot of time each day out of my busy retirement schedule! I found it in the WaterRower. A beautifully designed and built piece of ultra-smooth exercise equipment that could give me an excellent workout without any stress or impact on my joints. An exerciser with no metallic buzz or whine, just the relaxing swish of water. And, as a bonus, I could do the whole thing sitting down… now you’re talking! I was sold … but my wife was not. She liked the design, the features, the sound of the water, but was not convinced I would use it. She reminded me of the inexpensive hydraulic piston rower I bought years ago. I used it about a week and sold it a week later. Rowing on that thing was drudgery. She was afraid I’d have the same experience again with the WaterRower. Frankly, that thought was in the back of my mind too as I called in my order.

The WaterRower arrived, I put it all together, filled the tank to “17”, stood back and admired it for a moment and started rowing. My plan was to take it slow, 10 minutes a day until I could build the stamina to do more. In no time, I was rowing a strong steady 20 minutes a day. I not only could feel my strength and stamina improve, I could actually SEE it improve as well because of the information displayed on its S4 monitor.

The WaterRower is a marvel and a lifesaver. I hope to enjoy the benefits of mine for years to come.

P.S. My wife loves rowing as well!

Jerry Scott, Valparaiso, Indiana
Neal Waldman, Massachusetts, USA

This past October I had rotator cuff surgery and after physical therapy ended, I wanted some form of exercise both for my shoulder and the rest of my body. I am not a "gym" person and a low ceiling in my basement limits my choice of home exercise equipment. Research on the internet, talking with other people and shopping at an exercise equipment store convinced me a rowing machine was the answer. I only had to go to one store - once I saw and tried the WaterRower I knew it was the right one, and my wife liked how it matched the decor of our newly renovated basement.

I am loving the rower! I look forward to exercising - something I haven't done in a long time. I really feel that I lucked out with the WaterRower - the support and personalized instructions and programs I have gotten from Jill Lancaster, my WaterCoach, have been fantastic. I am rowing more often, for more minutes at more spm than anticipated and the help from Jill and the Water Rower web site have been a big part of that. Prior to surgery, I was hopeful to get back to near 100%, but I am more than that. Jill designed a program for me incorporating rowing with strength training, sit-ups and walking, that have made me feel healthier and stronger than I have in a long time. The time I spend on the rower goes by very quickly - I am always surprised when I am done and I crave more. But I am listening to Jill's advice and advancing slowly.

Rowing was certainly the correct choice for me, both for healing my shoulder and overall body strengthening and toning. WaterRower was definitely the best choice I could have made for a brand. The personalized training advice and website links with photos and instructions have been the difference between success and failure.
Angela Connell
Journalist and WaterRower Owner

"After months of whingeing about excess body fat and how I needed to work miracles before the summer, I decided to buy a WaterRower. A friend at work had one and said it would change everything! I am lucky enough to have an in-house gym at work but searching for a free rowing or cycle machine at lunchtime held little appeal. This all changed when my WaterRower arrived. My flat mate and I couldn’t wait to use it.

Unlike any other rowing machine, you can make your session as tough or relaxed as you like. I use it for 30 minutes every morning and barely notice the time passing. It’s a really good total body toner. The best bit is the sound of the water swishing backwards and forwards when you’re on it creating a state of total calm. Not something you would normally associate with a piece of fitness equipment. The design is very sexy and looks great upright in my flat when not being used.

My friends who religiously set off for the gym every morning to sweat it out are now envious of my personal gym in the lounge. When I think of how dull my trips to the gym used to be with the guys hogging every piece of equipment I wanted to use. I can now honestly say that after 3 months of using it I have noticed a remarkable change. I haven’t quite reached the athletic look yet but I’m very happy with the results.

I now watch breakfast TV from my rowing machine rather than the sofa. Having the right equipment can make the world of difference and it’s a fantastic way to start the day."
Alan Stanley
Lifeguard and WaterRower Owner

“I work as a Lifeguard during the summer months...I row everyday with a Van Dyne rescue rowboat during the job. With the end of summer I wanted to continue with my rowing in some capacity... and decided to purchase a WaterRower. The workouts that I have been getting using this machine are truly exceptional. I like the idea of using water in a sealed tank as a source of resistance and the sliding motion of the seat is real smooth. At the beginning of each stroke the system makes it feel like you are actually pulling oars through the water."

John Merritt
Fitness Fanatic and WaterRower Owner

What a joy this machine is to use. I started rowing in October of 2002, because the gym I had just joined had a rowing machine. There was never anybody using this piece of equipment so I thought I'd give it a try. I remember very vividly how my whole core was tired after rowing. I continued to row and over a period of 4 months lost 47 pounds. (Rowing is now my primary means of exercise, with sessions that average 64 to 90 minutes, 6 days a week.) I love to row!

I acquired the WaterRower because I can't stand to miss a session. Now if the gym is closed or I just don't feel like going to the gym, I can row at home. I began rowing on a machine different than the WaterRower. I only accidentally stumbled across the WaterRower while trying to find the "other" machine to purchase at a local exercise equipment store. When I tested the WaterRower, I could not believe the difference. There is no comparison. The WaterRower looks good, is quiet and actually makes you feel like you are in the water! I am now finding myself wanting to skip the gym, and workout on the WaterRower instead of that other machine!