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Row H2O Software by ShockTek®

RowH2O is a PC Program which enhances the process of monitoring and analysing your exercise performance on a WaterRower rowing simulator.

Not Compatible with Series 4 IV Monitor.

Power Calculation Algorithm - a unique enhancement to WaterRower performance monitoring which actually measures power applied. This new feature is of considerable importance to all WaterRower users who are interested in performance measurement - More Information

Power Curve - Colour Coded power stroke profile - also includes previous stroke level for comparison.

Event Calibration - Select Racing Shell type (e.g. single scull, coxless four etc.) , 'Air Ergometer' comparison mode or user defined - so you can get a comparative indication vs. performance times in a specific type of boat or the air-rower machine in your club or gym.

Graphing of Key Indicators - Heart rate, stroke rate and speed can all be custom selected for charting progress.

Distance Sessions - Select distance to row against a pace boat on screen with user defined split distances and target session times.

Time Sessions - like distance sessions but with selectable time to row and user defined split times and target distance.

Projected finish time displayed for distance sessions and projected distance for time sessions.

Interval Sessions - Distance or Time-based with programmable rest intervals and repeats.

Cumulative distance rowed - congratulate yourself when you have done your first 1,000,000m!

Session Log Window - Session Time, Speed, Distances, Splits, Intervals, Strokes, Rate, Cals, Heart Rate Min/Max/Average etc. Logs may also be Auto-saved to a text file after each session.

Pace Time/Distance - with user selectable distances (e.g. 250m, 500m etc.).

Audio Alerts - selectable spoken information for training sessions so you can train even if the PC is several meters away.

Save/Load - all user settings may be saved to/loaded from file so multiple users can store their own preferences and cumulative distance.

Heart Rate Limits - min and max programmable with audible and visual 'over range' warning and visual under-range indication. Also includes a heart limit calculator which offers 3 different formulae for calculate your heart rate training zone. An audio alert can also be enabled for over-limit heart rates.

Calories Used - with selectable conversion efficiency to cater for individual physiological variations.

Easy To Use - RowH2O software is designed to be straightforward to set up and use - most functions are self-explanatory.

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