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WaterRower's Group Rowing Program

WaterCrew is an indoor group rowing program, designed by seasoned rowers, to bring the engagement of real rowing indoors.

This group program not only produces the renowned physiological benefits of rowing but with the additional instruction, focus on timing and the performing of various drills, it simulates actual on water crew rowing. Each stroke focuses on the unity of motion, timing, technique and a multitude of drills; time passes by almost unnoticed.

The spirit of togetherness adds reward and motivation to all participants, the soothing sound of moving water makes WaterCrew a tranquil yet invigorating workout, stimulating the body while relaxing the mind.

Rowing, being a totally self-paced exercise, allows a variety of users of various physical condition and exercise objectives to participate in the same WaterCrew class. Each participant simply sustains an exercise intensity that relates to their specific exercise objective while performing the class.

WaterCrew, being instructor lead, takes the participant through a structured workout. This includes a variety of exercises designed to improve technique and enhance the benefit derived from rowing. Such instruction removes the tedium which often limits exercise duration.