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Medical / Rehabilitation

The WaterRower, unlike conventional indoor rowing machines, creates a non-impact and non-load bearing environment for cross-training and rehabilitation. The users weight is taken off the knees and ankles by the seated position of the exercise and the use of the unique WaterFlywheel creates an evenly loaded stroke eliminating the heavy jarring and loading experienced on conventional rowing machines, making the WaterRower a popular choice for physiotherapy and sports sciences practices around the world.

The Perfect Exercise - long renowned as the PERFECT AEROBIC EXERCISE, the WaterRower is unmatched with its ability to burn calories within a perceived level of exertion. Low impact and body weight bearing, the WaterRower is perfect for any user; young or old, big or small, fit or unfit (Learn more about The Perfect Exercise).

Monitoring Progress - The WaterRower is equipped with a comprehensive monitor allowing accurate monitoring of your client including fitness improvement, power outputs and heart rate monitoring

Enhancing your Facility - Stylish design and compact footprint make the WaterRower compliment any environment or décor. Low maintenance and ease of cleaning minimize the burden on your staff

Quiet and unintrusive - facilities with as many as 30 machines speak of the hypnotically welcoming resonance

Cost Effective - the WaterRower’s cost per user seat is amongst the lowest in the industry. Low in running cost; no mains power and there is no need for lubrication or cleaning the flywheel

10 : 1 - The WaterRower cost per seat is approximately 1/10 of a treadmill and similar commercial quality equipment

No Electrical Power - no need to certify and test power supply