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Xeno Muller
Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist.

It finally arrived. I got my WaterRower and love it. As soon as you start rowing there is a nice sound of water swishing around during the acceleration of the rowing stroke.

“My lovely wife took this picture of me rowing the WaterRower (left). I moved the rower to our new babies room because our cute senile old dachshund confused it with a garden tree last night.

Last night, I went for a paddle in my living room while my family was watching TV. It was awesome, no one was bothered by the quiet sound of water. The WaterRower will enable me to feed my rowing neurosis without polluting the family space with a metallic chain noise or an intruding high pitched fan whistle."

Visit Xeno Muller's website here: www.ironoarsman.com
Dr. C Everett Koop
Former US Surgeon General

“We have recently investigated indoor stationary rowing machines and believe the WaterRower to be the best on the market. They were also rated by Consumer Digest Magazine as a "best buy" product. This machine uses a patented WaterFlywheel almost the identical movement of a sliding seat rowing shell... producing a smooth, rhythmic motion and an impact free work out for any level of fitness or age."

"One of the main advantages of rowing outdoors or using a WaterRower machine is the sitting position of rowing which removes the exerciser's body weight from the injury-prone hip, knee and ankle joints and therefore reduces the potential of impact injury to these joints commonly associated with aerobic exercise."

"Rowing, indoors or outdoors, at any exercise level of intensity, requires a greater exercise expenditure than any other aerobic activity. Calories are burned in relation to the number of muscles used and the intensity and duration of the exercise. Rowing with a sliding seat uses a very large muscle mass since the upper, lower and trunk muscles are used vigorously"
Martin Cross
Olympic Gold Medallist, Rowing Commentator and Author

"The Holy Grail for all ergo makers is to find a product that somehow captures the feel of rowing in a boat: a smooth ‘catch’; a resistance that loads their body just like it does in a boat and a recovery phase that simulates the glide a rower experiences as the boat moves under them. In over twenty five years of rowing, I’ve tried all that the market has to offer and there’s only one that comes close to capturing the essence of the sport: Water Rower.

Explaining just how good it feels, is a challenge to anyone who’s never been out in a boat but here goes. I’m on the Water Rower, paddling hard enough to work up a sweat. The pick up feels right, I know it won’t stress my lower back, like other ergos seem to, so I let my kids use it when they want. What’s more, I feel good on something made of wood; like I’m in the wooden boat I never owned. As I close my eyes and listen to the gentle swoosh of the water, my mind puts me in a shell, gliding over the calm surface of a beautiful lake. I smile and open my eyes. By the end of my work out I know that this machine is the nearest thing to rowing. My whole family, is happy for it to be part of the furniture in my home."
Roz Savage
English Adventurer who finished the Atlantic Rowing Race as a solo-female.

'Before the race I worked hard to build up my powers of endurance, training for up to 16 hours a day on my WaterRower machine. Rowing for 16 hours is never fun, but the WaterRower made it much more tolerable - it felt relatively gentle on my back and the rowing stroke felt realistic, right down to the sound of the water swirling in the drum. And the seat was so comfortable that I took two with me to use on my boat.'

Mylène Paquette
Woodville Atlantic Rowing Race 2009

"I really like training on the Water Rower; this is, by far, the closest thing to rowing on the water. It s smoothness is very beneficial and relaxing, and this is a good way to calm during the preparation for a transatlantic challenge.
I particularly value the psychological effects of the sound of the water. This is as useful for helping to visualise the challenge at it is for the physical preparation itself.

Additionally, this training doesn’t provoke any tension and stress on articulations and lower back which is not the case on other rowing machines.
I was also pleased to notice that it allows me to keep an adequate posture for longer periods of time than with other rowing machines.
I hope that I will enjoy rowing on an ocean rowing boat as much as I enjoy rowing on Water Rower!!!"

Anne Miltenberger and Ashlee Lytle
Woodville Atlantic Rowing Race 2009

“With our my water rower training for my Atlantic crossing would have been impossible! Being in land locked Colorado our water rowers provided us with the most realistic training possible without actually being on the water. The fluid movements are very natural and were easy on our back and joints. Also its portability allowed me to train in-doors and out, plus the natural wood looks great!”


Madie Steer and Christine Bunting
Woodvale Challenge 2009, Team Ocean Row Girls

"We are both thrilled with the rowers. Having only ever used concept rowers for training for the Cornish pilot gig rowing we do I cannot believe the difference. I can't row for that long on a concept as my shoulders and hamstrings cramp up, but the first go I had on the water rower I rowed for a hour non stop and wasn't stiff at all the next day.

It is such a smooth action, no jerking when you "catch" at the beginning of a stoke so your shoulders aren't put under as much pressure. I also find it a lot easier to maintain a harder rowing rate due to the smooth action. The rowing position is very comfortable, and I find it doesn't put as much strain on my lower back and I find it much easier to maintain a good posture even when I'm getting tired. The seat is comfortable for longer periods of rowing.

It is perfect for the amount of training we are doing. I have it sent up in my living room so that I can watch TV whilst doing a long row as it is quiet enough to be able to hear the TV over the sound of the water.

Christine feels the same. She is building our boat while I get the sponsorship so she is going to use the dimensions of the rowing position from the water rower to craft our rowing system for our 3500 mile row."
Sarah Outen

"The water rower makes ergging fun - much smoother than any other standard machine. I love the sound of the water sloshing around too - it's very therapeutic. I am very pleased to be supported by WaterRower UK in the build up to my Indian Ocean Row next year

Katie Spotz
Transatlantic Rower

"WaterRower became one of my first sponsors for my upcoming solo trans-Atlantic row. With their support I am able to train consistently and conveniently from home. Since the machine is easy to transport, I am able to place it outside on my deck or in front of the TV to watch movies. I am truly grateful for the ongoing support from WaterRower."

Katie completed her row across the Atlantic in March 2010! Congratulations Katie! For more information on Katie, her blog, and her cause visit: Row4Water.com

Rachel Smith
Winner of the Women's Pairs Class
Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race 2007

'When Lin and I entered the Atlantic Rowing Race, we found it extremely difficult to train on top of finding time for fundraising, publicity, searching for sponsors and the million and one things we had to do to prepare for the race.

We knew that Roz Savage had trained on one of these machines for her Atlantic Crossing and when we got in touch, the team couldn't have been more helpful. There was no hesitation in offering to loan us two machines for a 2 year period to help us make it to the start line of the 2007 Atlantic Rowing Race.

Having the WaterRower at home was ideal and meant that even if I only had 20 minutes to spare, I could still train. It made it easier to get in some rowing in the early mornings before work, but also meant that I could do much longer sessions (which wouldn't be possible in a public gym) when time permitted. It stood upright out of the way in my lounge (which kept my partner happy!) and was easy to move around to use. I used to put it in front of the TV for some entertainment, or watched DVD's on my laptop. We also had WaterRower seats on our Ocean rowing boat, so training on the same seat was fantastic.

The machine performed very well and certainly made a difference to my physical preparations. I loved the swooshing sound of the water and found the resistance to be fine for building up the endurance and stamina that I needed to develop. We even did a 24 hour row on Lin's WaterRower as part of our training plan. It certainly hurt, but gave us essential information to help us both in the journey to the start line, and while we were onboard.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the WaterRower team for this invaluable support.'
Sam Williams

"Training for my solo row across the Atlantic Ocean meant I had to spend countless hours sat on a rowing machine. Having a WaterRower to do it on almost made it pleasurable! It was invaluable in giving me the opportunity to row for hours on end and was a far more pleasant experience than using the alternatives. Had it not been for the comfort of the WaterRower, it would have been a far greater effort to carry out the training required for the row, and therefore it was a great help in ensuring that I was fully prepared when I set off on my 3,000-mile journey."

Catherine Allaway
Ocean Rower, Atlantic '07/'08

"I'm truly grateful to the team at Water Rower for the loan of two of their machines. The training for ocean rowing is long & monotonous, but the WaterRower is very comfortable to use for very long pieces, especially with the padded seat. It's also quiet enough to have in the home in front of the TV, unlike conventional ergo's.Water Rower were 100% supportive of our adventure, training would have been considerably harder without their help, I can't recommend them enough ".

Cath Allaway

Niall McCann and James Burge
Ages: 26 and 27
Nationality: British
Boat and Number: Komale No 7
Position: Finished 6th Place
Date Finished: Finished Tuesday 5th February 14:05 GMT
crossing time 63 days, 2 hours and 5 minutes
(please note due to extenuating circumstances this team started 48 hours after the main racing fleet)

"Throughout our training for our Atlantic row we used the WaterRower machines and apparel. Our main motives for using WaterRower were taking advantage of low-impact home-rowing, and most importantly trying out the seat that we were to take with us across the Atlantic.

I struggle with lower-back pain, which is naturally exacerbated by rowing. The WaterRower’s smooth action reduced the pressure on my lower back and enabled me to train trouble-free.

The sound of the fan-wheel moving through the water is not only rather soothing, but is quiet enough to allow me to train at home in front of the TV, alleviating the boredom factor of spending so long on an ergo.

When we decided to have a crack at breaking the World Record for rowing a million metres on an ergo, we realised that comfort was going to be crucial to our success. The WaterRower’s low-impact action helped to prevent us from straining our muscles and tendons; and the soft seat enabled us to row 1 hour shifts with minimal discomfort. As a result we smashed the previous World Record by nearly 5 hours, setting the new mark at 67 hours 24 minutes and 14 seconds.

The comfort factor was also absolutely vital when rowing the Atlantic. We realised that if we were to spend 9 weeks sitting down, we needed to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately the salt water causes such atrocious damage to your behind that real comfort is a distant memory; but for 63 days, rowing 1 hour on and 1 hour off – with 2 weeks at the end of 2 hour shifts during the day – I never suffered from the pressure-related pains that are the bane of most Ocean rowers. The hardest part of the row, for me, was in tolerating continuous discomfort, which at times was excruciating. Minimising pain was a huge factor in maintaining a positive mentality and I was absolutely delighted at our seats, which were WaterRower seats bolted on to runners with a single memory foam cushion on top. Most other teams had highly elaborate, heavy and essentially ineffective seats and most other rowers suffered terribly from sciatica and pressure-related muscle pains.

I would whole heartedly recommend the use of WaterRower machines and apparel for future Ocean Rowers in conjunction with other pieces of training equipment; and most of all cannot recommend the WaterRower seat more highly for use on an Ocean crossing. Comfort is absolutely key, and the most comfortable rowing seat on the market comes from WaterRower"
Danny Murphy
Captain - Fulham FC (UK Football player)

"Using the WaterRower machine has been a positive addition to my regular training regime. It provides a full body workout using all the main muscle groups and is great for cardio training too. Because of the Waterflywheel, it is really smooth and has a natural resistance which is great for minimizing unnecessary strain on joints and ligaments – something that is crucial to me as a professional footballer."

John Bowes
Director of Rowing, Sydney Rowing Club

As the Head Coach of Sydney Rowing Club I have been using the Water Rower in my rowing program for the last ten months. My program includes Juniors, Youth, U/23s, Senior and Masters both men and women; all use the Water Rower as part of their weekly training program.

The Water Rower is a great coaching tool for me, my athletes get to feel the sensation of rowing indoors which is the next best thing to rowing on the water. I am able to get the athletes video feedback while training on the Water Rower. The Water Rower also runs smooth and quite which allows quality coaching to the athletes.

I am able to set the athletes either interval training or long distance work on the Water Rower.
My athletes love the Water Rower because it runs very smooth and is extremely quiet when compared to other rowing ergometers which are on the market.

At Sydney Rowing Club we have a number of local people who are non rowers come to the club for a work out on a regular basis. They all love the Water Rower because it gives them the sensation of actually rowing and "moving water", similar to what actual rowers feel.

Whenever we go to major regattas we take the Water Rower for my elite athletes to warm up on before they get on the water.

I have no hesitation in recommending Water Rower to anyone who is interested in a total but safe overall body workout.

T. Forcht Dagi, MD, MPH, FACS, FCCM
Senior Lecturer
The Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology

"Rowing on the WaterRower is perhaps the closest experience to actually rowing on water. The resistance created by the paddles is authentic. The rocking motion on the seat with proper technique both replicates the movements on a skull.

Rowing is a good way to get cardiac training. It provides a graduated, low impact exercise program with many levels of intensity. Through the use of a monitor, precise levels of effort can be achieved and replicated. The psychological benefits are as important as the physical. The WaterRower provides the kind of satisfying feedback and encouragement that many people find helpful and sustaining.

Rowing is a good form of exercise to include in a program of weight reduction as well as as well as in general fitness training.
Because of its design, the WaterRower offers many levels of exercise intensity without mechanical adjustments. Because of its simplicity, the WaterRower requires virtually no maintenance. Its design and construction are intended to meet commercial standards.

The WaterRower is supported by a number of very good computer-based exercise programs. These software programs offer custom routines, progress tracking, and gratifying feedback.
The WaterRower can also be a useful adjunct to a supervised program of physical therapy and cardiovascular rehabilitation. Rowing provides core toning as well as cardiovascular benefits. It stretches and strengthens the flexors and extensors of the upper and lower extremities, and it improves muscle tone, timing, strength, and range of motion.

I have recommended the WaterRower to patients who might benefit from rowing as a form of exercise. These benefits include aerobic, impact-free, cardiovascular training, and muscle stretching, toning, strengthening and balance.
The WaterRower can provide an accessory to elevate the seating position. This option is helpful for rowers with back or joint pain.

I use the WaterRower at home and would recommend it to anyone who is seeking a well balanced training system. If there is one piece of exercise equipment to have in your home, I think the WaterRower is it."
Dr. Glenn Gero
Certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

"Rowing is the ultimate, non-jarring, full-body exercise. One can choose to maintain a steady, relaxed pace or rowing can be one of the most intensely competitive endurance sports, burning as much as 1200 calories an hour. Rowing to me is the perfect exercise and the WaterRower is the best simulation of that perfect exercise.

No other exercise can get me into my cardiovascular zone as quickly and can fire as many muscle fibers throughout my body as rowing. With each complete stroke I can feel virtually every muscle working including those in the legs, midsection, lower back, arms and upper torso.

Additionally, rowing is an activity that can be enjoyed by men and women of any age. It certainly isn't unusual to see rowers well into their nineties rowing up and down the river next to a crew of high schoolers.

I've been a WaterRower owner for over 12 years and to me it's the only rowing machine that gives the feel of real rowing.

In my opinion, the air resistance rowing machines using a chain drive, create a constant vibration, which I feel in my hands. I find this to be extremely annoying. I also feel that the whirling mechanical sound of these rowers detracts from the enjoyment of the rowing experience.

Conversely, the WaterRower uses a strap drive connected to a flywheel which rotates within a tank of water creating a smooth, rhythmic, meditative feel. This is the same naturally smooth feeling that I'm accustomed to when I'm on the river in my rowing shell with the accompanying realistic sound of splashing water..

As far as I'm concerned, rowing is the perfect overall exercise and the WaterRower is the perfect rowing machine. I believe that if one is really serious about getting in the best shape of their life, WaterRower is a clear choice."

Dr. Glenn Gero is a board certified doctor of naturopathic medicine with a private practice in Clifton, NJ. He has earned masters’ degrees in both nutrition and botanical medicine and is a certified life and wellness coach. Dr. Gero is a licensed biofeedback therapist, a registered nutritionist, a master/registered herbalist, holds 7 fitness certifications, including those in post-rehab fitness, medical exercise, senior fitness and cancer exercise. He is a professional member of the Holistic Pediatric Association, the American Association of Anti-aging Medicine and the American Herbalist Guild. He also has completed post-graduate training at Harvard Medical School where he serves as a life member of the post-graduate association. Dr. Gero is on the staff of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine as an adjunct professor. For additional information, visit www.holisticnaturopath.com.
Mark Edgar
Physiotherapist, London England
(and Physio to Great Britain Olympic Rowing Squad (Atlanta 1996 & Sydney 2000)

"What impressed me most about the WaterRower was the lack of shock loading at the front end of the stroke.... the athlete must load biomechanical more efficiently to score well - similar to what is required on the water."

Patrick Pearson, MSTAT
Alexander Technique Practitioner

"I coach rowing, and teach the Alexander Technique, where among other things we give particular attention to the poise of the skull and the condition of the spine and torso in a way that is as much to do with our thinking as it is to do with muscular activity, as the two are never separate. We work with the awareness that we like to ‘feel’ what goes on, and that our ‘feeling’ is prone to unreliability. I use this work not only to improve performance with my athletes but also on a day to day basis to help range of people from those who are unwell to those who have suffered trauma and have specific rehabilitation needs.

I had a very definite ‘shopping list’ of criteria to be met when I came to choose a rowing simulator not just for my own use, but also to teach my pupils and athletes. In developing potential at whatever level, no change (improvement) is achieved without risk. That risk being, that we just might be wrong and foul up the whole thing we are aiming for. When I am asking an athlete to “take a risk”, I want a calm, relatively quiet environment in which they can think, observe, listen and progress, without undue pressure or distraction. I get this using the WaterRower. I am impressed by the smoothness and quick pick-up of the load without snatching. This is a quality much appreciated by our backs! Whether I work gently or fast I get useful sensory feedback from the sight and sound of the water. This helps corroborate, what I ‘feel’ is going on. I can talk over the top of the WaterRower in use without having to raise my voice. Shouting is to be avoided in a teaching environment, it stimulates the fight or flight reflex, resulting in undue muscular tightening which inhibits change and impedes pace. Be it an Alexander issue, a technical rowing point, or making an attempt to push–on a bit quicker, this simulator is my choice to give people the best opportunity to explore their potential and develop their fitness.

Can I get on it, set a work-out programme on it’s computer and go for a serious indoor row?

Oh yes……no worries on that score!"
Donna C. Isaac
Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration, Memphis, Tennessee

As an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration (Rolfing), the body and its freedom to move and function are my business. After two years of seeing and participating in InsideOut's WaterRower program, I believe that rowing is one of the best overall body workouts anyone can perform. Rowing is a smooth, non-impact exercise that allows the body to work in sync with itself by focusing on an intrinsic use of the musculoskeletal system. It complements other exercises by helping to lengthen contracted muscles and provide an intense yet safe whole body workout. WaterRower's unique machine uses water to provide smooth, flowing resistance, which enhances and cradles the body's response to every stroke."
Vicki Siegel, MA, CSCS
Exercise Physiologist, Colorado, USA
(Wellness Resource Coordinator, South Denver Cardio Center)

"The WaterRower is a very popular piece of equipment in our Medical Fitness Facility. As an exercise physiologist, I am not afraid to recommend this equipment to our patients with occasional back pain. The machine is very smooth, and does not put strain on the hip flexors at the end of the stroke like other rowing machines. It is a great non-weight bearing option for our patients with knee, ankle and foot issues, and allows them to work the upper body. The ability to row from side-to-side (kayaking) builds the muscles in the obliques and core. We also recommend rowing as part of the upper body sequence in rehabilitation once open heart patients are cleared to do upper body exercise."

John Felton
Gym Manager
Sydney, Australia

"Water Rower and the Water Crew class have proven a fabulous addition to my programs.... the Water Crew class is the only class that I have seen in my 20 plus years in the industry where the participants finish the class with more energy than they commenced with! WOW"

"I have other rowers in my facility but they rarely get used these days due to the smooth action and quality construction of the Water Rower"

Craig McGarry
Fitness on the Beach
Burleigh Heads Surf Lifesaving Club

I have had 3 x Water Rowers installed at “Fitness on the Beach” Burleigh Heads Surf Club since opening 7 months ago. These are currently one of the most popular and versatile exercise pieces within the facility.

These Rowers are subjected to the extremes of treatment; the sand and salt of the beach side venue, constant moving from inside the gym to the outside circuit area (over pavers, ramps and concrete as well as through sand), plus the constant punishment given out during extremely hard training sessions by both the Burleigh Heads Surf Club Boat Crews and our various group training classes.

Through all this they have performed without problem and have turned out to be one of the most durable and versatile training pieces we use. Client response is very positive, particularly in regards to the smoothness of operation, quiet and soothing sound, plus the feel of the stroke (particularly from the Boat Crews). In addition we have had many personal training clients delighted with the overall conditioning and muscle strengthening achieved through constant use.

I have been so impressed with the Water Rower that I have purchased one for my family to use at home – and again great training results have already been achieved.

For versatility, operation and durability you cannot go past the Water Rower as an addition to any fitness training facility.
Bill Harris
Ice Hockey Player and WaterRower Owner

"Since moving to Cambridge from the USA, I started rowing with the Clare College fellows in an eight in the off-season of ice hockey to keep in shape. But getting on the river in an eight is a production even in on the Cam and it's even more difficult in the dark cold winter during the ice hockey season. So knowing that rowing is great low impact workout, I decided to buy a machine. I checked out several and settled on the WaterRower because its action seems best to mimic naturally what it feels like to catch and pull on real river water, it's compact, good looking, smooth and stable, and it has a nice monitor so you can easily programme and follow exercise routines. One big advantage of having a machine at home is that it is sweet and easy to use it for 30-40 minutes before breakfast - follow that by 10 minutes of stretching and a shower, and I am ready to face the day at the lab knowing that I have already done a decent session of exercise. The extra leg strength also makes walking up those the stairs to my office effortless. The other big advantage is that I can do this during the hockey season and that gives me the fitness I need to work to capacity on the ice. I think I go harder than many of my 30-years-younger team mates, who wonder how I do it. It's not difficult once you have found a good way to exercise."

Professor Bill Harris, Cambridge University, Clare College Fellow's Eight and Cambridge Eskimos Ice Hockey Team.
Dr. Daniel Levin

"I am new to rowing but have been very active in running for several years. I was looking for a minimal impact, upper body aerobic exercise to cross train with running. I initially was introduced to the Water Rower at my local fitness store. The product was not only aesthetically pleasing, the water sound it made was intriguing and added to the overall ambience of the exercise. Finally, its portability without taking it apart sealed the deal for my small home gym."

"The S1 stainless steel aesthetics fits well with my other home equipment, but I think I would have been very happy with the wood versions as well."

"Using it now on several occasions, I find a stroke rate of 32-36 strokes/minute gives every bit the cardiovascular workout that either my treadmill or running outdoors do without the impact. In addition, using some of the internet software for pacing and racing against has added a new dimension and interest to my exercise routine. I think that your website is one of the most complete and thorough sites I have ever seen and future buyers should take the time to review the contents."
Jonathan Fielding
Club Manager, Conrad International
London, England

“The WaterRower is a non impact and effective piece of cardio-vascular equipment. The operations are simple to understand and the design is pleasing to the eye. I especially like the use of natural materials and enjoy the sound of water.”

Sandie Lawrence
Personal Trainer, Fit4life
London, England

“The WaterRower is a seriously valuable training tool. Its flexibility caters for all users from beginners to experienced athletes. Its smoothness makes it ideal for rehabilitation and clients returning from injury."

Sharyn Brown
2006 Polar Challenge Competitor

The PolarKats recently arrived home after successfully completing the 2006 Polar Challenge to raise funds for the NSPCC. The grueling event saw 10 teams out of 15 complete a race over 350 miles in the Arctic, to the 1996 location of the Magnetic North Pole and beyond.

Team member Sharyn Brown had this to say "Before going to the Arctic, I had to undertake a whole range of different endurance activities to achieve the level of fitness and strength to survive in the conditions and pull my sledge. Using the WaterRower improved the strength in my arms and legs, which was excellent for the cross-country skiing required over the Arctic terrain. The WaterRower was especially useful for my core strength and its ergonomic design enabled me to exercise for long periods of time without pain. Also, as it stores vertically and the rowing action is smooth and quiet I could get a great workout without traveling further than the front room"

Jason Leonard
England and British Lions Rugby Captain and WaterRower owner

"The WaterRower is an excellent full body workout. Smoothness and the sound of rushing water make it relaxing and enjoyable but still physically demanding."

Colin "Dynamo" Dunne
Former World Boxing Champ and WaterRower Owner

“I feel that my WaterRower is a part of me, something I hope I can pass onto my son, a unique and valued piece. Something I look upon as a fine piece of furniture as well as a superb fitness tool."


Mr. P M (Cambridgeshire, UK)
"Brilliant, a lot more positive on the catch than the Concept II and is more sensitive to technique. Cheers!!"

Mr. R K (Bethesda, Maryland, USA)
"I LOVE IT! I no longer dread getting up the days I'm scheduled to erg. It's a whole new experience."

Mr. M A M (Billericay, UK)
"Excellent! Far more friendly than a Concept Model C."

Mr. D E (Chessington, UK)
"Truly natural rowing action. The next best thing to being on the water"

Mr. A A (London, UK)
"Congratulations on simply the best rowing machine ever. All I need to do is close my eyes and I am back in my eight!"

Mr. D C (Cheltenham, UK)
"The Best Rower in the World!"

Mr. D B (Michigan, USA)
"Better feel than Concept II."

Mr. R. Bergman (Nevada City, CA)
"The WaterRower is surprisingly different than the Concept II. It actually is much, much smoother, with a genuinely fluid feel. There is no sense of harsh, mechanical workings like the Concept II."

Ms. J H (Hertfordshire, UK)
"Superb ergometer! c.f. Concept II model. A great alternative to rowing / sculling in adverse weather."