Rent a WaterRower

United States Rental Program

Rent a WaterRower for as little as $9.98 per week (Premium and M1 Models are also available at $11.98 and $14.98)

We have put together a rental program which allows you to train with the WaterRower in your own home at very reasonable cost.

The advantages of a rental program include;
1. A small initial investment
2. A broad range of models (Basic, Premium or M1) are available
3. Complete flexibility with no long-term obligation (only a 3 month minimum rental term)
4. The equipment can be purchased at a discount (after the 3 month minimum rental term)
6. The equipment is very well looked after and well maintained
7. Professional support to help you achieve your training goals
8. Small administration fee

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To proceed with rental please complete the Rent and Buy contract below:

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United Kingdom Rental Program

UK rental services provided by Row Hire